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Basic Security

One time cost: $300.00

This package includes:

  1. Survival Guide
  2. Company Phishing vulnerability test
  3. Employee phishing training
  4. DarkWeb Scan
  5. Phishing Alert Button
One time cost: $300.00

This review consists of step #1 below:

  1. Questions about your company, both business and technical
  2. MyITRisk will analyze your greatest risk areas in 4 categories
  3. You will select risks you would like to address and which treatment to use
  4. We will work with you to Implement Treatments
One time cost: $90.00

Dark Web Compromise Report

  • Exposed Company Credentials
    • Email accounts and passwords that have been compromised
One time cost: $100.00
  1. One time phishing test
  2. Report on the results


Cost per user per year: $10.00

Breach secure now generic company with no reports


One time cost: $0.00

Complimentary policy review by a Cyber Security Insurance Specialist Agent

Phishing Testing

Cost per user per year: $72.00

Test your employees with random phishing attempts every month.  If they click they are informed they clicked on a phishing test email and they are taught how they could have identified the phinshing attempt.

Education videos based on Kevin Mitnick’s 30+ year unique first-hand hacking experience, you now can train employees to better manage the problem of social engineering. 

Includes: Licenses plus administration of phishing and training, reports, etc.


Reseller: SymTec

Provides Disk Level backup

Reseller: SymTec
Cost per user per year: $72.00, Reseller: SymTec

Device Management

Cost per user per year: $120.00, Reseller: SymTec

Computer security and management agent

  •      Active Discovery
  •      Automated Tasks
  •      Backup & Recovery
  •      Dashboard Controls
  •      Event Driven Tasks
  •      Managed Antivirus
  •      Patch Management
  •      Remote Background
  •      Restart Services
  •      Risk Intelligence
  •      … Read more

Email Service

Cost per user per year: $3.00, Reseller: SymTec
  • Artificial Intelligence for spear email phishing detection
  • Connects with office 365 and both blocks phishing attempts and reports to a dashboard that MyITRisk monitors on your behalf
$38.00, One time cost: $500.00, Reseller: SymTec
  • This works by text message, phone call to a mobile device, or an app to generate a code that your programs require to gain access
  • Provides an additional layer of security to protect you from hackers
  • Options for phone of 30 day authentication or one time App password.
  • One time setup of $38 per user plus $500 per company

Filtering/Content Blocking

Reseller: SymTec
  • Firewall Content Blocking
  • Server disk level backup off site, point in time recovery, ransomware protection
  • Device based comprehensive filter and reporting system


Reseller: SymTec

Centrally Managed Direct IP Printing

  • Central Management: Centrally manage all printers from a single web-based administrative console, with or without domains or trusts
  • Create Printers: Create new printers and automatically deploy them to end users

Self-Service Installation Portal

  • Single Enterprise Portal: Provides a single consistent Printer Installation portal across the entire enterprise with or without domains and trusts
  • Floor Plan Maps: Optional floor plan maps with single-click self-service printer installation
  • Auto Opens to Location: Enables end users to easily find nearby printers by auto opening to their current location… Read more

Project - Custom/Project - Custom

Reseller: SymTec

Rate $150 per hour