Phishing attacks grow in sophistication to evade defenses

Despite businesses investing in next-gen technologies, phishing threats continue to become more sophisticated and effective according to a new report.

The study from intelligent phishing defense company Cofense shows how threat actors, armed with an ever-growing arsenal of tactics and techniques, continue to tweak their campaigns and enhance their capacity to deliver malware, ultimately getting more messages past perimeter controls to user inboxes.

Senior Executives Are Getting Phished More Frequently. Here's an Urgent Tip!!!

A couple weeks ago I received an email message with the subject line “Urgent Request !!!” The note purported to be from Adam Lashinsky, this newsletter’s weekday columnist, a man whose comminqués I am wont not to ignore. Yet I knew instantly, even before opening the note, that the composer was an imposter.

The tell: Three more exclamation points than I have observed the bossman ever having used !!!