7 tips for a more secure business online

Many businesses scrambled to adapt to a virtual world when COVID-19 hit. But did you remember to lock your doors against cybercriminals?

Mike Kelly, Head of Cybersecurity & Technology Controls at Chase, has seen a lot of businesses go digital in the last few months.

“Unfortunately, we take a lot of phone calls after an attack,” says Kelly. “My heart always goes out to those business owners because it’s very traumatic.”

The top cyber security threats your organization may encounter in 2019

 The cyber threat environment is becoming more dangerous every day. A recent survey by the World Economic Forum revealed that cyber-attacks were the number-one concern of executives in Europe and other advanced economies. As we approach the winter holidays and the end of the year, let’s examine the top cyber security threats enterprises can expect to grapple with in 2019.

Here's the Best Way to Protect Your Accounts From Hacker Takeovers

Researchers looked at multifactor authentication tools like physical security keys, on-device prompts, and text messages to figure out how well these techniques really protect you. It turns out: really well.

The security key prevented 100 percent of attempted account takeovers of all types in the year-long study. Last year, Google said there hasn’t been a single account takeover of a Google employee since they started using security keys.